I have a new name tonight

Posted by Max | Posted on 9/06/2013 10:26:00 PM


The Woman calls us by all kinds of different names and most of them make me gag because they're so...sweet.

Do I look cranky...?
But tonight she bestowed a new one on me, all because I growled at her when she told me I couldn't help Buddah finish his snack.

"Back off, Captain Crankypants. I'm bigger than you are and I'm not letting you take his food."


I'm not sure I like that.

Not at all.

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Well being CAPTAIN of things is good, and we know crankiness goes beautifully with SNARK, it's better to not get too smart with the ones who have opposable thumbs, AND the twinkies!

My human doesn't have any nickname for Binga when she tries to take MY food - she just picks her up and locks her in a room!

You growled???


Wow, you growled at your mom. Did yous get time out for that?

She better make sure you gets your treats too, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

How rude was that? Not letting you eat his food? Really.

Good for you! All the humans need to experience a good growl~

Well, at least you have some rank. She must just be a private, right?

Crankypants?? Where does she get this stuff?? ;)

Crankypants is sorta snarky. Not quite. But the Captain part helps make it toloerable. Almost.
Growling at your mom? Hey, remember she's the one with the thumbs! Moms are can openers!

Brat has conniptions over Munch Monster, Hoover boy, and Mr. Floofy Butt, but no problem with Bully boy! Go figure....

"Crankypants"? MOL! Oh sorry, we shouldnt laff.

But we have to... Our nicknames are "Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge"...

Max, maybe you should be called Captain Snark! I mean it is as close to Spock on Star Trek as you can get! Then again, I am not too crazy about names other than one's own name so who am I to say? You are still Awesome Max to me!

Max, this is off topic but:

I saw this dog on "Shame Your Pets" (http://tinyurl.com/pwh9u7w) named "Butters". Is this dog the same as TDDB you mention frequently?

Just Curious.

Nope, that's not That Damned Dog Butters...admittedly, TDDB is cuter...