A lot of our people walk for boobies...but Boobie Season hasn't started yet, and some of them aren't even training for it yet. Because they're lazy and chit like that.

But Mom Amanda from PB&J is RUNNING for Leukemia & Lymphoma in like 18 or 19 days, and needs ours support. This thing means a lot to the Woman because her mom had lymphoma and beat that sucker down, but it takes money to fight it.

One of the things about events like this is that there's a minimum, dollar amount the people doing it have to raise...if they're like a dollar short, they've done all that training and don't get to play. There are lots of reasons for it, but it kinda sucks.

Now, I know how much the Woman whines about walking, so I can imagine how much whining there is about running. And doods, I am all for the self-torture of people, so we have to make this happen. $700 more bucks and she has to run! That's it, Just $700 to torture her for an entire half marathon!

Better yet, if she gets $3720 more, she'll run in a full Tinkerbell costume.


This MUST happen!

First, though, let's get her to her minimum. Because there's nothing that says Happy New Year like making a person sweat, cry and RUN...

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We're on it. We've got to respect the beans who get off their buns and move and to actually run...well, that just makes me sleepy.

So, did Buddah rip open the red dot box yet? I gave up on the red dot toy a while ago, but frankly, that was my humans waving it around so the "prey" illusion was lost.

It's a very good cause. I hope she makes her goals.

A Tinkerbelle costume? Bast, we have ta consider this... Would there there be photos? Our calendar next ta the puter is a Tinkerbelle one.

Wow. Anyone running in a Tinkerbell costume is definitely my hero! Regards, Alexandra

Great cause. Tinkerbell costume is a great choice. Best Wishes, Kenneth Gibbons LLC