Doods, tonight there was steak! Real live fresh dead cow! I kinda hoped for it because the Younger Human came over and when he comes over there's usually something good, but I started to worry when he and the People got up and left the house. I know I can't count on the Man or the Woman for tasty treats, and what if he didn't come back with them?

But an hour or so later they came back, and there was steak! The Woman cut it up and out it on my plate, but I saw the box it was in, and the Younger Human was the one who brought the box in, so I know wo it was really from. He also had a giant steak bone in that box--I could totally smell it--but that was for That Damned Dog Butters, which is fine. A dog needs a good bone to gnaw on once in a while and I'm not terribly fond of things I can't easily chew and swallow.

Or just swallow. Sometimes I don't bother chewing.

But doods, as wonderful as getting the steak was, today is a sad day. Today a really good man, Jeter's best human friend in the whole world, Sarge Charlie, lost his fight with cancer. Sarge was a tough guy and fought really hard, but the thing is he was as upstanding as he was tough, so losing him is like punching a giant hole in the world's spotlight. We're all a little dimmer for it.

I lurked on Sarge's blog and I wish I had commented more, but it was fun to just read him. I am very grateful that Jeter pointed us all to him, just to have known that he existed.

I know Jeter is really hurting, and so is his mom, because they truly loved Sarge. And Empress Bee, his wife and soulmate, is hurting the most. She's really sweet and I lurk on her blog, and so should you, too.

Sarge, I salute you. I wish I had known you better, but mostly I'm am just happy I got to even know about you.

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we are very very sad about Uncle Sarge. We loved him and we love Auntie Bee a whole bunch.

steak is AWESOME. I wish I had some....

We didn't know Sarge except that he and Empress Bee commented on a number of cat blogs but we were quite sad to know he had left us. Our hearts go out to the Empress.

WE know jeter is very sad, We are sad, too. Sarge was a good man and will be missed by many. Mom read his last blog post and cried like a little girl!

We didn't know him, but Empress Bee would leave us a comment every now and then. We paid her a visit. :-(