Man...the Woman told me I need to stay in the back of the house and snooze on the climbing tower in the office, or on the big bed with Buddah, but she would appreciate it if I didn't come out to the living room. I was all Hey, I live here, I'll do what I want! but then she showed me this picture.

I dunno who he is, but she says he's been there by the front door for a long time, trying to stay out of the rain, and if I go out there I'll look out the long window by the door, and I'll get all excited and start banging on the glass, and that will scare him. If I scare him, he'll run, and it's raining pretty hard.

Ok, fine, I think he's probably tougher than that, but I didn't want to go out there anyway.

What's funny is that she needs to do noisy stuff in the front room, but since it is raining, she's going to do it later. That's her excuse, anyway. I think she's just lazy.

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Max - we all know that deep down you're really a caring Kitty. We won't tell anyone tho! :-)

That is very thoughtful of you to let him shelter from the rain Max.

Maybe it's a girl, Max!

How very manly of you to care about another cat!
Max, girl kitties like that kind of thing. If you're interested. And moms do too.

You and your momma are just the right kind of hosts..however unexpectedly, to that kitty trying to keep dry. xoxoxo Katie

That is so sweet of you and your Mom!

Better make sure the Woman is not thinking about a 3 cat home....

Well, Max, it's generous of you to stay away and let that introoder stay dry.

I too think your human is being lazy... but at least it is for a good cause!

Yous is a nice guy! WOW! Me won't tell though

Hmm, a friend or foe. Good of you to let him shelter, though. Make sure efurryone knows it was your decishun though. Yes, the woman is probably just lazy. Ours too.

Yeah, before Mama Rose trusted Mom and Dad a little ... if Mama Rose was on the porch when Mom pulled in the driveway, Mom would call Dad on her cell phone. He would unlock the back door (sliding glass door) so Mom could come in around the back to avoid scaring Mama Rose. It's good to know that there are others out there who accommodate our kitty friends, too!

Have you seen this kitty before? Is he hungry or thirsty? Has he been "snipped"? Mom traps and spays or neuters any cat that shows up to eat from Mama Rose's dishes on the porch. Mom even spayed the next-door neighbor's cat! Heh.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, Sky, & Outdoor Feral Kitteh Mama Rose

We doan no, Max. Your doorstep kitty looks to be kind of dark and it does seem your woman has soft spot for BLACK kitties. You gotta tells us how long it takes for her to set out a bowl of kibble for that cold little kitty!

From Been There, Done That!

You Woman has a soft heart, doesn't she Max? Yeah, that's probably a good thing for anyone with you (or me for that matter)as a cat.

Your mom must be a sweet lady to care about the porch kitty. I hope you appreciate her, Max and are nice to the porch kitty and not hissing from the windows.

Touching article. I have 4 cats I rescued and love them. They are like daughters to me.

Aw, might as well let the outdoor kitty stay dry fer awhile. Bein wet stinks. As long as the Beins dont let it inside...

Look at that kitty in the background! It got turned to stone! Did he get wet?

Pretty visitor. Our moms heart goes all soft when we get one too.