It wasn't really cold today, but after dinner we kind of wanted some extra warms, so I started asking the Woman to turn the fireplace thingy on.

She kept telling me I'd already eaten. Duh. I knew that. If she would just listen, she'd know what I want. I kept asking, but after a few minutes I knew she was ignoring me, and I was pretty sure we weren't getting the fire tonight.

But then Buddah jumped into her lap--even though she had the laptop there, and shoved his head under her hand and then she was all "Oh you poor thing, your ears are cold!"

So she turned the fire on.

Ok, I don't know why this picture is upside down, but I can't get it to flip, so just stand on your head to view.

I actually got to plop down in front if it first, and when I was done Buddah stretched out to soak up some warms. Now we're both done but she hasn't gotten up to turn it off yet, which just makes me think that deep down she was cold, too, and just made us beg for the hell of it.

You see that white plastic thingy on the floor?

That's where the red dot lives. Sometimes it comes out and tuns around the room, but for the most part I ignore it. I mean, I've seen it a billion times and it's never eaten anyone or even bit anyone, so I figure it's fine to just let it play a bit. But Buddah wants to get it...and he figured out that it might be better to let it run around, but try to kill the thing it lives in.

There's this little round hole that the red dot jumps out of, so Buddah has been going after that. It's been tough, because the hole tries to keep an eye on the red dot so it spins around and around, but Buddah doesn't give up. One of these days he's going to kill the thing the red dot lives in, and I suppose after that he can go after the red dot, too. He might as well, since it won't have a place to live.

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Good thinkin on the Buddah Pest's part. Sumtimes you haf to resort to brute force if the hooman is being dense. Glad you got your fireplace on.

Whoa... for a minute there I thought the Woman had too much nip when she was hanging upside down looking at your blog...

Buddah is good for something! Getting the fire and trying to kill the red dot house!

You know, Buddah is actually pretty bright! I bet he DOES kill the red dot house eventually.

I know he'll kill the red dot! I think Admiral did...I'm sure of it!

Mom Carole

Hey! Buddah is good for some things. Like warmy stuff. Have him suck up to mom more often!

Buddah is a smart cat! The only thing me likes about the little house is the fireplace. we don't has one here.\Kisses

Cold ears are no good.

Max, we gotta say... You are a smart, deep-thinking kitty, an we admire that. But Buddah seems ta be a very physically-direct kitty an that seems ta have some advantages too. As in "shove the cold parts against the Beins hands" (one of their least dull sensory spots).

But we're glad ya benefitted from the fire-thingy too. Only right fer such a smart kitty!

You know, sometimes the Human has to make the pictures all sideways and wonky in P'shop so that they come out the right way up in Blogger. Sigh.

I guess Buddah is good for something, Huh, Max?

And you were right the other day. I was just almost drifting off to sleep and that ;s why I was all purry like that. It certainly did NOT have anything to do with warm, fuzzy feelings about the Human. Uh-uh. No way.

Encourage Buddah to suck up to the humans even more, Max. That way you get what you want, and Buddah is the sucker!

I;m with Buddah. I try to kill the red dot that lives at our house too.

This was a fun blog! I'm glad to have discovered this! Thanks for sharing :)

Our mom never makes us a fire. We always have cold ears.

Good to hear Buddah did the work and you got the warms first.

We've had a warm winter so far and our heaty thingy hasn't been on nearly enough for us either. All you do is flip a switch!!! Lazy people here too.