Bear with me, doods...we're playing with the template and it might change a bazillion times tonight...

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okey doke! MOL!

What a great idea! Think me will too!







You've already missed like 40 templates!

My webmsater (not my human) wants me to switch to a different theme (as templates are called in Wordpress), but my human has been lagging because she always changes the color scheme. At least your human is a little more motivated!

Cool. Our Mommy relies on other hapless hoomans to help her out. (thank cod fur Ann of Zoolatry) MOL!

We're with Prancer Pie...we don't let our Mom touch our blog!

The Florida Furkids

We do like it when the woman messes with your blog! She always makes it exciting

It looks kind of plain right now. But clean and neat!!

love the eyes

Wow! Def looking psycho!


Whoa--this really puts the "psycho" back in psychokitty. LIKE!

Looking COOL, Max! We like this look, purple notepad and all seeing Max eyes. will it be changing again, ya reckon?