All that noisy stuff the Woman needed to do in the front room...I should have known it was going to inconvenience me. Doods, everything got taken out of that room and jammed into the library, which made getting to the comfy loveseat to look out the window impossible, and the floor got covered with plastic which was horrible to walk on.

If that weren't bad enough, she started smearing this stuff on the walls and turned everything from a pleasant brown to this bright, eye-stabbing yellow, and she's so freaking proud of herself she keeps saying, "It's so much brighter in here!" Like that's a GOOD thing. I was quite happy with the brown walls and the dim light and having the dammit machines right there where they mocked the people every time they went past.

Evidently the mocking got to be too much. One of the dammit machines got dragged out the front door and I'm not so sure the Man didn't shoot it and kill it out there, because it never came back. The other dammit machines are now in the library, and the now-yellow room has, like, REAL furniture in it.

But the bonus, what makes it all not quite so horrible, is that they put one of the climbing towers in the library, and next to it is a bookcase that we can jump on and doods, we can see EVERYTHING out the window now! Not just the stupid bushes. AND we can jump from there onto the other bookcases. It's almost like they did it on purpose so that we could have some fun, but I'm pretty sure their brains don't work like that.

They haven't moved everything back into place so there are no pictures, but as soon as I can I'll totally show you how awesome it is.

In the meantime, doods, we have something serious we need to worry about. Look.

The birds are arming themselves and fighting back. This could be really bad news for our outside friends. We need to figure out what to do, because of we don't stop them, the birds will win and WE CANNOT LET THE BIRDS WIN!!!

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Wow--I love having places to look out. You know I hear something about smearing bright pain on the walls around here too... hmmm...

Bright yellow! That is a big change from brown!

Dude. I'm a girl cat and even I know plastic is great to slide on when you play THoE!

OMC, that video is alarming! We can't wait to see pics of your new jungle gym!

I can't wait to see the results of your human's efforts - at least some of it sounds like it was worth it.

eye stabbing lellow. UGH. our walls are brown and they match us so we will never allow the mom to change it

Uh oh. My mom has been thinking about painting something yellow, too. Maybe...maybe...that armed yellow bird has something to do with it!

Our sunroom is empty too. They sent the furniture out to be reupholstered and our lives are turned upside down.
The climbing setup sounds awesome.
Dam burds.

Our woman is moving our stuff around, too. She keeps saying she has "Spring FEVER" but then she's throws another blanket on the bed telling us how COLD she is! She's clearly not right in her thinking.

Buffee Moon, the Queen, then Casey, Cody and our new Ragdoll kitten, Angel Mae.

Oh crap! We gotta do something 'bout those birdies!!

Your people like to paint a lot, don't they Max? They need a hobby. Maybe the Woman needs to practice walking some more.

I don't like to even LOKK at this scary little movie. La la la la la--I can't SEEEEEEE or HEARR this!

Mom laughed out loud about The Man shooting the dammit machine! Mom and Dad have a dammit machine (AKA The Coat Rack) too.

That does sound very cool about having lots of HIGH places to get to.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, Sky, and Mama Rose

Max, the wall colors here have been the same fer 20 years (TBT says) an we an him are purrfectly happy with them. We dont know why annyone would change purrfectly good wall colors.

We forgot to tell ya something - LOVEBIRDS ARE EVEL!

We used to live with some when we were kittens. They would fly to the woman's shoulder but if one of us kittens were in her lap, they would RUN down her arm at us with their mouths wide open! You'd think they only got that one puny tooth, but it HURT, a lot! We are not surprised to see thems using owie things -- Lovebirds are evel!

Us cats won the house though. Our woman invited those little meanies to go live somewhere else and got them new people to terrorize!

Yellow? Yeck! Good though for the better view out the windows.

Good job on getting rid of one of the dammit machines and getting a really cool climbing setup. That bird looks downright vicious.