What am I looking at? I'm looking at a plate. A plate that had pizza on it. Cheese pizza. Warm, happy cheese pizza.

What am I looking at now? I'm looking at the Woman. She has the plate that has the pizza. I am using my brainwaves to tell her GIVE ME THE PIZZA.

And ya know what? It worked! She left some cheese and a little bit of crust on the plate and put it on the floor and told me to go for it.

So I did.

And it was good.

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You are a very lucky kitty! Cheese and crust. Did you get to sample the sauce. We love the sauce!

Awesome! My human MIGHT have left cheese, but probably not any crust. But then, she is a cheese hog, so she might not have left the cheese either.

I got to sample pizza tonight too! Pizza night rocks.

Wowwie! It was pizza night at our house too! Me gots pizza crust, cheese and HAM!

Why Max, that was eggsellent work! In fact, just looking at the screen made my Human want to put some of her chicken on a plate and start up I-80.

Some brainwaves, Man.

You musts haf ESPN! But we thinks it was that adorable face that did The Woman in!

Oh Max, I bow at your superior manipulative abilities...

Hooray for pizza! Max, you look so good in those photos. You are very photogenic.

See, Max, the Woman is good for something after all! You have the purrfect look. Have you tried it for playtime, yet?

Max, I need some training from YOU !!!!

Our human would like to have a plate with cheese pizza too. :-P

We hope you got some!

Mmmm ... Cheese ... We have not tried pizza (yet), but Mac & Cheese is pretty awesome.

Have you considered using your Brain Waves to get her to give you her plastic money? You have mad skillz.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, Sky, & Mama Rose

Arright Max! Sometimes these things work out!

NO WAY! You have an exceptionally perceptive Human. Ours, on the other paw...

Can you come over here and convince my mom to give me some pizza, too?
And I'd even share with you.
Paws off the hamm, though.

Dang, Max. Our humans had pizza and we got NONE! You gotta teach us that look.

We haven't seen pizza in this house in ages. Lucky you.

Doods, it took me TEN YEARS to get the people to give me a taste of pizza. TEN YEARS! Then it was like. "Oh, you want to taste?"


Now as long as I just sit there and be good, when they're done I get a little bit of cheese with a little bit of sauce and a little bit of crust, as long as it wasn't an onion pizza.