The Woman thinks that when she took this picture I was looking off to the kitchen in hopes of food.

But really? I heard the Man say something about calling the dood who cleans the fire box thingy so that we can turn it on and have fires.

Dooods! That means fire box thingy weather is coming!

I have missed lying in front of it and getting my furs all toasty and warm. Summer is nice with the cold air blowing thingy and all, but nothing beats a good fire roasting your chestnuts.

Well...except maybe some primo nip. And crunchy treats And Stinky Goodness. But it's definitely in the top ten.

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Yoo have chestnuts?

Whoa Nellie.


How about lying in front of the fire place thing roasting your chestnuts while ON primo nip after some great crunchy treats and stinky goodness?

We gotta a fire box thing, but it bein down in the basement, it dont get used much. Though we HAVE heard rumors of future use...

Our firebox in the living room and office area is already on! We love it... except for the part when we get yelled at for lying right on top of the grating. My human is under the mistaken impression that our fur is going to catch fire.

You are so lucky! WE do not have a fire box thingy

Mmmm we love cozy fires! We could stay in front of it allll day long!

Holy Schmoley batcats yoo get Chestnuts? Oh. Owr humans are in trouble now.

We don't have a fire box thingy.....can we share yours?

We are SOOOO massively envious of
a) your fire thingy
b) your chestnuts

Well, at least the ManCats envy the chestnuts.

I have a fire box thing, too, but we don't build too many fires in it because it doesn't get that cold here.

I don't have a fire box. Only a radiator. ::pout::

I need a fire box!

chets nuts roasting on an open fire...........

Dad turned ours on Sunday.
He went golfing and got chilled to the bone.
Don't know if any chestnut roasting was involved though.

We have a fireplace but never use it -- at all. I guess that's part of living in South Carolina. But Huggy Bear will lay on the heating vent, so I guess that kind of counts.

Max, I'm soooo agreein' with you. Mom's callin' the wood guy tomorrow to get some wood. This is the first place I've lived that had a fireplace, so I'm real excited about it. I stepped in there the other day, tho', and mom like ta lost her ganglions! She jumped up and down and said my name in a NOT VERY NICE WAY and started mutterin' about sooty-footprints. Whatever.