It's Derby's birthday, and in honor of it everyone is celebrating 'Tocktober!

This is as close to our 'tocks as the Woman could get...

Happy Birthday, Derby!

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At least no one is sitting on you...

We think that is a great Tocktober picture. We had a hard time finding any too!

Oh man, you guys have an magic endless crunchy food dispenser?


Nice 'Tocks!

Tocks? We can't take our eyes off all those crunchies!

Good picture of your 'tocks. Mom could not get much more from us, either!

The Big Thing got 'Tock pictures of us, but he hadda be very tricksie...

Double tock shot!


I show my human my tocks all the time... until she pulls out the camera.

Great 'tocks picture boys!

This picture. You're saying grace before you dig in, right?

Matching tocks! And tails! I think Buddah's is longer, Max.

Whoa. Dat is one pawsome set of shiny furry tocks wif matchin tails. We'd like a pair of you for bookends please.

Thanks guys, works for a dual tock shot.

You look like you're both waiting for something amazing to appear in the food bowl.

Happy Birthday Derby! As a birthday gift, get 10% off any cat condos using coupon code "cats123" :)

Great looking 'tocks, guys. Did something weird happen in your food bowl or are you thinking, "What? No Stinky Goodness?"

That's a pretty good 'tocks shot of both of you. But we sure don't unnerstand why you guys are staring at that food instead of chowing down.

His inimitable and immortal Highness Maximus Spittimus has asked me to pass on his heartfelt and solicitious salutations on this momentous day.

Happy Birthday Derby!!!!

All the best
Four Dinners
Aide de Camp
Maximus Spittimus

Oh wow! We wants one of those feeders! IT looks so neat and like it never runs outs of foods.

I am soooooooooo so jealous of your endless food server. I wish I could have one of those!

We got your mommy's thank you note. We should be thinking her for walking to save the boobies!

I gotta come up with a cool 'tocks shot too.