Okay, so the Man finally went and got the Woman from her boobie walk; she's so slow that it took her longer than I thought it would. Three freaking days! I thought it was going to be one. I mean, she was so slow that she had to stop and sleep outside a couple of nights, and one night she was really, really cold but then Diva Kitty's mom told her how to be less cold (I think it was, DUH, yer kinda stoopid, you should probably learn how zippers work before going out in public) so when she had to sleep outside a second night, she wasn't miserable.

And in spite of all that practice, she still doesn't have it down pat. Monday she was walking like someone had shoved a broomstick up her asterisk, and it wasn't much better yesterday. And she says she can't feel her toes. Well, duh, lady, your fat asterisk + boobie walking = squishing nerves. But she's whining about it, and that annoys me.

Ya know, I get that walking for boobies is hard work but come on. Shut up and feed me already.

She and the Man took a lot of pictures and there were some, um, interesting people walking for boobies and helping the walkers walk for boobies. If you want to see them, CLICK HERE.

Lots of other things went on while she and DKM and Jeter's Mom and Skeezix's Food Lady and DKM's cousin were boob walking. I heard her tell the Man than Jeter's Mom wanted her to sing but she didn't know the words, and then later it was just funnier to not sing, but really? I know the truth. She was afraid that if she started singing their heads would explode and she'd be responsible for them not being able to finish walking.

Oh and dooods! People cheered and clapped for them while they walked! It's like total strangers knew that they'd been practicing and were happy that they were doing it and not falling over! People were so happy for them that they gave the boobie walkers candy (kinda like giving me crunchy treats, I think) all day long and there was one guy--he must have smelled them coming--gave them moist wipes to clean up with.

And look what they found!


The Woman keeps talking and talking and talking about it...I mean, I like hearing about my friends' people and it just affirms for me that my friends are cool and have raised their people right, but come on. SHUT UP AND FEED ME!

But you know what the most important thing is?


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we's proud that the Woman walked fur boobies, but we're with you--it din't hafta take all THAT long, did it? ignoring a hungry cat for that length of time can be dangerous!! we're glad you survived!

We are very proud of your Mom and all the other cat moms out there. In honor of their three-day walk, I think I'll do a three-day nap.

We are very proud of your Mom, Max.In fact, so proud we think perhaps ours will join her next year.

Hooray for your mom, Max! She done a Good Thing!

We are proud of all your mums too. It makes our legs and feet ache just thinking about it.

It sounds like the Woman had quite a time! An sleepin outside? We dint know Beins did that...

Ya DID get fed though, right? And yay fer the cold air blowin thing!

Okay, so your human walked so much that she kind of forgot how to do regular walking for a couple of days afterwards, but she did a great job! You should be very proud of her.

P.S. I hope she doesn't ruin all her good work by not feeding you on time.

Sleeping outside can be fun if you are not too tired to enjoy it. We are proud of your mom and all the others for walking for the boobies!

Yeah, it is cool your mommy is proud of herself and it is cool our friends raised their beans right and they are saving the boobies, but doods, the kitties come first! Especially, the food part.

I'm glad your cold blowing thing is fixed! After this weekend, we'll be back to using the warm blowing thing. We did earler this week. It only got up to 58 degrees last Sunday!

Yoor mom did a really good thing fur da boobies and all da mom's should be proud. We bet it's fun watching her walk around now, like a pengwin or something! At least da cold air blowy thingy is working now.

duhr ... wut'z da big deel abowt sleepin in da grate owtdoorz? i do it all da time. an wuttza "zipper?" jus wunderin.

I'm very proud of your mom for what she did.

Wow. Your Woman really did it Max. Huh. That's really a good thing that she did, but I hope she doesn't get any ideas about making you & Buddah walk along with her next time!

She looks like she held up pretty good too. Good job!

But, yeah, time to feed you and turn on your blowy thing.

I think the woman did a great job and you deserve some treats. Just because.

Your blowy thing is fixed?! Yeah! Was there something else about boobies?

Mao may start calling you Smarty Pants Max now... Is there a street sign the Woman missed?

Well done to the mom for doing the Boobies walk! And we like yoor noo pink ribbon! MOL!

we are very proud of your woman too. but it's awesome that the cold air blowy thingy is fixed!

Max, your Woman done good. Can you give her a cuddle for us, please?

Fuzzy and Zoe

DOOD - yer mom is awesome fer walking' fer 3 days! Our Mommakitty whines when she walks down da hill to get da mail!