Really...she can't change them without my help...

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sometimes they're just hopeless at domestic jobs

We has a pocket on Dad's blanket dat really needs killifying. Daily. Seriously!
Dem sheets don't stand a chance against us kitties.

We see that. Hoomins always need our help, especially with bed making.

I like to do that too. I had to help mum change the bedding again today as well as Sunday because I yakked all over it. I did tell her the Stinky Goodness didn't taste good this morning but she said eat it or go without, so I ate it. She felt guilty after and gave me better stuff.

Sheets have monsters in them. Really.

I know. I have to help out as well. Sigh. Humans are so useless.

Well, of course you hafta help her...sheet changing is an art!!

I especially like ta help with the sheets by fluffin them up from below. Ayla is the one who attacks the bedmonsters from above. Unfortunately, sometimes thats ME!


WE think it is fun to help with the sheets and towels!

Red is your color, Max. I wouldn't let her change them.

I think you better stay there for a good long time, just to make sure they don't slip away!

It is the same way at our house Max - without us the sheets just get out of control for mom.

Our mom is helpless without me, too!
Without my help, she'd get the bed changed in like, a minute flat. Where's the fun in that I ask you?