I don't know what he just ate, but I think we need some Vishus Deer Repellent, just in case...

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That is so scary we will have nightmares now.

OMC! Qwik, run away while he's distracted sayin mmmmm!
Max, I's worried. Mom tooked da boy fur a walk in da woods an they sawed two vishus deer! Is she tryin to get him eated?!?!

Be extra careful, Max! That is scary!

He looks WAY too happy...

Have you seen Buddah lately?

Ack, vishus deer!!! Throw soap at them...

As long as yoo can run faster than Buddah, you shood be okay.

Holy moly! That is one scary face. I think maybe I'll go see if there is a sunbeam under the bed. I'm not hiding or nothin', there could be a sunbeam under there.

PS I agree with Skeezy

ACK! Skairy! I cant beeleeve its bin a whole yeer since my flatcat self and mommy came to watch the booby walkers. It went by so fast. That was when I said I had to get back to blogging. Thanks for coming by...nice to know I havvint bin forgotton!

Ho-Lee Crap!
We don't like the looks of that!

OMC....we knows we is safe as long as we can out run the doggys (and we cans...mol) dat face just looks like trouble!!

Ds Kittys