There was REAL food for dinner tonight!
Yeah, I know I mentioned it on FB earlier.

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OMB! Dat is just pawsome! We hads roast beef tonight, and da crazy lady is now cravin meatloaf she said...mol, so we is gonna have it for supper monday! Rock on for good noms!

Da Critters

I take it that you got some, then. How much meatloaf did they give you?

Meatloaf? I've never seen such a thing! My human never seems to make anything good.

Отличная статья! большое спасибо автору за интересный материал. Удачи в развитии!!!

Wow, you are one lucky dood!

DUDE!!! How wonderful is THAT??

Meatloaf! that sounds so good. We will have to beg Mom to make some!

a loaf of just meat - it's a beautiful thing!

How absolutely awesome!
Both the meatloaf and the fact that someone cooked!!

This may seem amazin, but... we haf never had MEATLOAF!

Wow, Max. That's amazin'! I can hardly believe there's real, live dead and cooked food in your house. And they shared! Wonders will NEVER cease!

You are so lucky, Max!! I only sit like a meatloaf...I've never eaten any....


We got grilled chickhen last night.

Did you share it with Buddah?