This is a major relief:

5 seconds before

Denny sent home some chicken! I was worried that I might have offended him and that he might not want to ever send me any again, but he already did!


So, so tasty...

I wish the people would invite him over for once so I could meet him, but they're antisocial like that. Or maybe people just don't like them, and Denny is just being nice to them. You know, like that one kid your Mom makes you invite over but you don't really want to? That's my People...

And I have to live with them.

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So nice of Denny..... Sounds like a grweats friends....

I'm sorry Max, but I think your People have to pay Denny to be nice to them. Isn't that sad?

Our people know Denny, too. But they don't go to see him. He was rude and took too long to bring them chicken!

I am glad that the chicken has appeared again.

Max, my Mom says to thank your Woman for the information that it is very difficult for a person to give a kitty a cold. She won't worry about it so much now.


What do you care? You got chicken!

Nom nom nom!

Ohhhhhhh chick-hen!!!! And Max, all hoomins are just weerd like that.

Denny sounds like a nice dood!

Lucky you--REAL chicken!!!! Sigh.

Yummy chicken! That was nice of Denny. Dad said he used to get pigs in a blanket from Denny all the time as a kid, but I can't understand why Dad would want that.

As long as Denny delivers the goods, don't worry if he actually stops by. Maybe it it better that way.

Say Max, if you see that Denny guy, send him over here, OK?

We're glad you got the goods from Denny again! We never get anything like that. Sheesh.

Thanks so much for coming by our Gotcha Day party, it was a lot of fun!

Purrs and hugs,
Bugsy, Sassy and Callie
(and the rest of the Krew)

Wow, Denny AND the Food Gawd! Hey, my mom knows Denny, too! She said he was really busy with the holiday and all. Not only did she see him California, but Arizona, too!

I'm thinking he must not have cats with all that traveling.

Denny is pretty good to you Max. Always something sent home just for ya!

What a feast!!!!!!!! We have enjoyed our visit with you, Max. We'd love a visit from you sometime and hopefully we can become friends.....purrrrrrs

I found your family restaurant! Come by and see.

Be happy Max. You are very lucky to get treats.

Mia's person told the lady of the house to stop feeding her treats because she was stinking up her Lad's room.
So now poor Mia gets no more treats.. even when she stands on her back legs and does that really cute wave with one paw.