See this little guy?

His name is Marty, and he needs help.

Marty is just a little guy who was rescued by a couple of college students. They were visiting someone who had him, and while they were there his anus (spot #13) prolapsed...and Marty's people apparently didn't want to do anything about it. So the college students took him and spent their on money trying to get him all fixed up...but he needs more surgery, and it's gonna be kinda spendy.

Spendy in a way college students can't afford.

There's an article about it at and to find out how to help go to

They're getting close to raising the amount they were told it's gonna cost, but you guys know how stabby visits go...there's always something extra that pops up.

If you can help, even a tiny bit... look at that little face. And think how awful it would be if your spot 13 suddenly prolapsed.

I know times are tough and if you can't, that's cool. But think good thoughts and stuff for him.

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We's be purring fur little Marty, he sure is cute. Fanks fur bringing him to ours attenshun.
Love & Purrs,

Need to do him a donate button.

Poor little guy. I need to update my Paypal account and this is a good reason to finally get it done. Herman will be purring for him.

Max, dude, I think the day that Mom stops bringing home stuff is very near. You should see the lame-o junk she brought home tonight.

I dipped in my piggy bank, Marty needs surgery more than I need more catnip...

We sent a few green papers Marty's way. Bless his little heart!

We're glad that Marty met some people who wanted to help him. Thanks for posting about him. We sent what we could, he's such a brave little guy.


Gypsy & Tasha

We're purring for poor little Marty too! Hope everything goes to plan, he REALLY looks worth it.

Poor Marty. He is so cute. Toby will donate from his allowance, I think.

Marty's such a cutie, we saw him on another blog last week and already sent some green papers. We're glad that more people are seeing him and spreading the word - good job, Dood!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

I will be purring for Marty, he is so cute. I hope he gets better quick.

Harry Spotter

Thanks for telling us about Marty, Max!! We will go check it out right away!!
Your TX furends,
Samantha & Maverick

Oh poor wee thing! All I can do is keep him in my thoughts but I can pass his story around and maybe get him some more help that way. Hugs to all the people that are helping him.

We donated to him. We hope he gets lots more than necessary to help out his collage students pay all his expenses up till the surgery!

Our thoughts are wit our little buddies...

Oh what a cutie! I shall have to work on my human to help out...

He's adorable! Max, as snarky as you can be, I fink you has a soft spot. Share dis on FB, too.
Purrs for Marty, an you.
Victor & Nina

oh jeez. what a horrible thing to happen to spot #13. much worse than getting a temperature taken for sure.
we don't have lots, but we'll put our little bit with everyone else's and that will all add up to help!
thanks for telling us about Marty. Santa just put you on the nice list.

Marty is at 101% donation - woot!

We helped with what we could. We hope that Marty gets the surgery he needs and has a chance at a fun-filled and love-filled life.

Glogirly & Katie

We just read the article, and it looks like they made their goal plus a bit over. We will be purring for the little guy.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Gracie

I told the Woman to send some green papers to Marty and she said okay because she stopped buying cigarettes a few months ago so she must have some extra cash laying around somewhere.

Thank you so much for helping Marty! Becky (Handipets)