Yeah, I know, Buddah posted this picture, too. But I wanted you all to see it--look what I have to put up with!

Holy crap, they're butt to butt...

That's my comfy chair, and my space to nap. It doesn't matter that he was up there first today. It's mine! He didn't even ask permission to get up there. I walked into the living room and there he was, snoozing in my space. He has no respect for personal property, none at all.

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Did you get rid of him? Did you try really really hard?!

That's what little brothers are for! You just need to tell him who's boss!

You look really annoyed there, Max!

You do not look happy!

Aw, Max, there's room enough for two and your butts aren't touching, so you're safe from Buddah cooties.

I don't want to take Buddah's side or anything but it does look like there's enough room for two up there...

Max, you really look pretty hissed off!

you do look hissed!

Buddah seems about as bad as Harley!

It's your territory, Max.

On second thought Max, I think you really like Buddah, as long as you are the boss.

Did you swat him with your mighty paw?

That is a huge chair Max. I supposed Buddah thinks it is big enough for both of you.

You mean you actually willingly got up there when he was already there? Next, we are going to see the two of you curled up together.

Thank you for stopping by to offer your purrs and condolences. We know that they made Jade's journey a more peaceful one.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Gracie and our Mom ~ Tara

*sigh* Somecats just haf no sense of decorum. When Sadie wants Speedy to move she just sits on his head and visa versa...

Thank Bast I don't have a little brother. Well, I guess I do, but he doens't nose in on my sofa space yet.

I keep staring at that chair. That looks like one amazingly comfy chair. I wouldn't want to share either.

Sorry Buddah invaded your space, Max...but that chair looks so comfy, we can see why he did...

Max, thank you for your encouragement regarding Herman. If he comes to live with me, he will definitely be getting his own blog.

Buddah is gettin ta look rather big and solid! We guess he is gonna be nappin wherever he wants now...

I fully intend to feed Herman what he is used to until I am sure that he is comfortable in my house. Then I will start to sneak in some of the healthy food along with the Fancy Feast. If he doesn't like it, then I will go back to all Fancy Feast. With FeLV/FIV kitties, you have to make sure they eat because the diseases often cause them to lose weight.