It's good to be king...

Max claims the sofa

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Hail, King Max!

You look very regal there on your couch, Max.

That is a couch fit for a king!

"All your couch are mine."


That is a very regal picture.

do you make them sit on the floor?

Very, very nice, Max!

Hail, Max!

Or queen... I like your sofa...

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Hey I haven't met you yet but here I am and I couldn't help but think that I was sorry for your horrible weekend you are having. I hope maybe the next day goes better. I have given up on understanding the moms and dads. I don't get either why you would take a class to ride a bike you already knew how to ride. Oh well. Glad you found a hair ball to hack up, that sure will teach them. Next time leave it where they might step in it. As kind you must get your servents to serve you better.

Ahhhh, the good life.....Just snoozing on the coutch without a care in the world. :)