Look at this!

Max, annoyed

He was in my bed all day long! I mean, I was nice about it and didn't say anything in the morning when I saw him in it, and even went somewhere else to nap when I saw him in it in the afternoon.

But that evening?

I wanted my freaking bed! I couldn't even jump on him and put the bite on him because the Woman was right there and for whatever People reason her tiny little brain coughs up, she gets upset when I do that. I didn't get to nap in my own bed AT ALL yesterday!

On the plus side, tonight the Younger Human was here, and before he went home he smelled like real live fresh dead cow, but even better, he pulled some out of a box and gave it to the Woman to cut up for us, so I got steak. STEAK! I'm pretty sure he took some home with him to give to that woofy, Butters, but that's all right. He gave the best piece to me.

Oh! And Marty? It looks like they met their goal for his surgery. If you're so inclined to still donate, I'd bet they could use a few extra what-if bucks, but if not--they got what they set out to get! Aside from a sore spot 13, I think Marty's gonna have a nice Christmas. Or Hanukkah. I'm not sure what he celebrates.

You guys rock!

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Next times jus tricks him out with some foods. When he gets up sneak on ins.

Steak? Cool.

But ya gotta manage yer fireplace sleepy place better. Try just sittin down an pushin against Buddah quietly until he leaves.

You need to lay down in the bed in front of him. Then you get the warmth of the fire and he gets cat furs in his face!

Steak is good.

We are very happy for Marty!

Well, that's just wrong. But hey - at least you got steak!!

We are so happy for Marty.

We are thrilled that Marty has enough money for his surgery now!

That's just mean of Buddah. You definitely need to bitey him when The Woman isn't around. He needs to learn his place! (And it isn't in YOUR bed!) But hey, yay for steak!

Very cool that Marty got the $$ he needs for his surgery!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

He does look very comfy there... and I think a little smug too.

Scout always attacks me and chases me from my favorite circle bed.
He wants to be alpha cat, but it's not gonna happen. -Shaggy

That is so wrong. I just stand there and look at Gemini until she moves. She knows what will happen as soon as the Woman isn't around...

Very good news about Marty.

You could just snuggle up beside Buddah. You would earn 'brownie' points with the Woman by showing how nice you are to your little brofur. Who knows, it might get you an extra piece of steak. (Or kittycrack!)


Max, you need to act like you are going to sleep with him, but curl up with your butt in his face and then poot a few times. It will have a twofold result. You will get bonus points for trying to curl up with Buddah, and he will get up and leave from the stench.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Gracie

Now that you were a good mancat and got your steak, you can now be bad and jump on Buddah.

You've got to just go over to the bed and kick Buddah out.

Glad you got some steak!

Great news about Marty! I think the suggestion about getting in the bed with Buddah, but in front of him, so you block the warmth from the fire is the best one. Congratulations on the steak.

Happy Thanksgiving, Max!

Buddah looks all sweet and innocent. Maybe he's just saving your spot in front of the toasty warm fire thingy so that no one else takes your spot. I bet he would move if you plopped yourself right beside him in the basket.

Sending you Thanksgiving wishes to you, your family, and your friends. Hope you had a fun filled day today.