The other day I was a little bored, what with having the lame people that I have...they weren't doing anything interesting and they weren't paying attention to me, and I had already taken my 3rd nap of the day.

I needed something to do.

The Woman has her butt plastered to the new sofa that's supposed to be my new bed, and she was reading something on that reading thingy she has that shows books but doesn't look like a I plopped down on her lap and started reading with her.

Doods! She was reading about this really cool cat named Homer. Homer looks like Buddah but he's way more awesome (ok, to me...the Woman disputes this, but what does she know? She's thinking with that puny human brain...) I mean, Buddah can see and he doesn't do half the stuff Homer can do. Homer doesn't even have eyes, and he can jump straight up and catch a fly in the air! I won't do that because I don't want to have to eat flies, but Buddah can't.

Homer is just 23 kinds of awesome, and if you haven't read his book yet, you have to.

Oh, I should point out that Homer had his person write the actual book, but I think he did that because 1) he can't see the computer keys to type, and 2) it was probably good for her. You know, people need to stop and think about how important we are, and I think Homer's person totally gets it.

If I had thumbs, I'd give it two thumbs up. Make your person go out and buy this book for you. Seriously.

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That sounds like a very cool book. I'll have to check it out. And how exciting that the Younger Human is in Grease! Also, I just learned today that a group of cats is called a Kindle, just like what your Mom was reading on, so maybe that's why she likes it so much.

I told my mom about this book and has she bought it yet?? Moms!

I keep telling the Woman she should but she says she no longer does books about animals that are sad--at all. They are too upsetting for her.

That sounds like a very good book. Our mom has asked for one of those books that isn't a book, but is a lot of books for Christmas from the family.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

2 paws up, 4 paws up! We will look for the book.

Thanks, Max...we'll hafta check this out...might make a good gift for our mom...

My bean read this book too and just loved it. What a wonderful brave cat!

We love Homer! He is furiends with our mom on facebook :)
Mom would love to read his pawsome book, but she has a thing about reading books or watching movies about animals. She always ends up with the leaky eyes. Maybe she can make an exception for Homer's book.

this is one of that books that you cry a lot in the end?

If yes, I don't know if my humms will like it. They cried a lot with that Dewey, have you read it?

That looks like a good book. We are going to get mom to load the audio version so we can all listen to it .

My momma says this is next on her list of animal books to get. She just finished The Daily Coyote and loved that (as well as the website of course)

I wanna know why all the good animal books make humans cry so much? I know momma was bawling when she read The Art of Racing in the Rain, and that had the narrator as a DOG! We all know only cats are worth leaking over!

Mom noticed it at Target the other day, but ended up putting it back. She just may get it next time she's there, on your recommendation. Thanks Max.

Homer's story isn't sad! It's just awesome, and he's on Facebook now so you can be his friend after you read it!

Dood! Didn't Homer scare off a burglar once? If so, I read about him somewhere.

my Mom was glad to read S,S and S's comment that that book is at Target. She thinks she will get it. She's been savin' money for a treat and a new book is always a good treat.

Now we have to get it. Mommy has had her head in diapers and baby stuff - and of course spoiling me - so she hadn't heard of this book. She needs a good one. That is so cool he can catch flies with no sight! I wouldn't eat flies cuase of that "I don't know why she swallowed a fly..." thing, but I do eat spiders.

PS thanks for coming to my party! Those cookies are awesome, but not as good as the 1/2 can of toona I got to snarf down

Thanks for the blogoversary wishes. It's all your fault I started doing this.

Homer sounds like quite a cat! We will try to get The Big Thing ta buy his book...

This isn't a eye leaky one. This is a more what a great cat one. Just like you Max, just awesomely great!!

Dude, dat was on mom's "recomended" from Amazon...she hasta wait to get it tho cuz she still has like 20 other books to get thru furst. Den dey will move on to da sister-in-law and mom will get more.

I've heard of this book--however your the 1st kitty to give it a paws up! So Max--once again. YOU know what's best for us! :)

I think I saw this one in Barnes & Noble. Will look for it for my book that doesn't look like a book.