Max snoozing by the fire

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Man that looks nice. I'll have to check into why I don't have a fireplace that is going right now...

Dude, that is the way to do it. First you get nicely nipped out, then take a lovely nap in your basket by the fire.

Dude, we haf no fire thingy except fur dat big black box dad cooks food on and it's on da patio and dad won't bring it in da house. Oh, if he did we could haf fire fur warms and cook some food at da same time!

I have no fire thingy either. I am deprived.

Very, very nice... every kitty should have a basket with a soft blanket by a warm fire.


Warm clothes to put yur stinky on, a stinky rug dat is warm, and a real fire thingy. Who's better than you? We love dat rug. Make sure yoo get da white part of yur furs all ofur it.

Ah, life is good! :)

You look so totally comfy there, Max. (Our Mom says to say that she really likes that rug).

Cats roasting by an open fire... hm maybe that didn't sound right.

Ahhhhh......life is good.

We see ya got yer back toward the warm blowy air. Very good form...

That wooks sooooo comfy!!!


Happiness is a soft bed and a warm fire.

Looks like you even left some room for Buddah?

Fire. Good!

No fire thingy here either. :-(

Max, you are one lucky cat.

That is one adorable photo Max. All comfy and warm by a fire! Your lady sure treats you right. :O)