Further proof of the Younger Human's Food Gawdness...he came over today and helped the Man stick things in the tree outside, and before he left he gave me STEAK again.

Now, Buddah says maybe he just wants me to like him better than I like Denny, but really there's no contest. Denny has fricking good chicken, but he's never delivered it PERSONALLY. The Younger Human gives me steak without an intermediate.

I rubbed up against his legs to show my appreciation. Or I might have done that before he gave me the steak, but the sentiment was the same. He is my favorite People, so I have to show him that sometimes.

Before he got here there was some guy that came over to play with the fire thingy. He was here last year, too, I think the people pay him to clean it out because they're just too lazy to be bothered. He said it had a lot of cat hair in it. I don't believe him, because while I sleep in front of it I've never been in it. I think he said that so he'd have an excuse to unleash his super loud sucky monster.

Oh yeah, I hid when that thing came on. It wasn't just loud it was loud.

Later I came out and chewed on the Christmas tree a little. The people love it when I do that. Really.

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Do they get excited and call your name and stuff? Mine do.

Of course he lied! It was just a mean plot to discredit kittehs.

Christmas tree chewing is an artform around here.

Stake and Christmas tree chewing! What a great day you had. Except tor the sucking monster.

I am so jealous that you get STEAK. I mean DUDE--that is so cool. And delivered as well...

Steak, sucky monsters and tree chewin'.
A day in the life of Max is always so rich & varied.

we wish someone would deliver us steak. we would love them more than the mom too if they did that.

you have a Food Gawd in your family?!? That is awesome. He may not be Denny, but he eliminates that middleman and you get your food right after you ask for it.

i can't believe the fire guy said there were furs in the chimney. i think he just doesn't like cats.

you look very comfy there Max. i wish i had a fire thingy to keep me warm. i have to wait to be tucked in, or have a bean next to me. sigh.

We are feeling neglected, we don't get steak delivered.
Have you tried chewing the tree lights? That makes the Beans really excited.

Its hard not ta love a Bein what brings you steak! Thats one reason we stay close ta ours when he is making his own dinner; we get pieces of it. Then he complains about us being underfoot, MOL!

Sorry ta hear about the super loud sucky machine. At least it will be another year til he comes back!

I hate when people tell us that there are cat hairs on things. Wish we had the fire thingy for some warmth in here. No heat today because it was warmer out this afternoon (57 degrees F).

I guess the cat hairs just magicked themselves into the fire thingy. Too bad about the super loud sucky thingy. Three cheers for the steak.

He lied...we know cuz dad does da same thing to mom. Saying dat der are our furs all over something when we were never any where near it! Oh man, da younger human brings yoo steak? He is a food gawd! If yoo really wanna make yoor people happy try jumping into da tree. Dey skweel wif deelite!

Like the steak part. Now, when you chewed a little on the Christmas tree-the humans didn't get a little peeved? You know how they can be...