What? I was here first, you go sit on the other side of the table.

I was here first

Dooods...I have come to a realization. And it started the other day, when the Younger Human was here. He helped the People move some stuff around, and then they went out, and when they came back, there was STEAK.

GOOD steak. Medium well real live fresh dead cow. For me

Then he was back today, and there was TURKEY. Not just a tiny bit, but almost a meals worth. And I didn't have to beg, I just sat there at the table and stared at him, and pretty soon I had turkey!

So clearly...the Younger Human is a FOOD GAWD.

Oh sure, the People might have put it on my plate but I wouldn't have gotten it if not for the Younger Human. And he's better than Denny, because Denny only sends home chicken for me, which is good and all, but I got STEAK with the Younger Human, and then TURKEY, which, like, never happens!

Tasty food + presence of the Younger Human = He's a Food Gawd.

This is how I felt after:

It were good

Sleepy and warm and full.

Life is good.

(Oh, and Denny, I still really really really like you and I appreciate that you send home chicken for me. I hope I didn't offend you.)

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Probably just as well you made your peace with Denny. You don't want him to get upset.

Maybe you could ask the Food Gawd to come over here when he is done there?

Man you are like so lucky to have a food God. We only got parts of a turkey heart and liver, which we ignored.

Steaking a claim and giving the long stare can be very effective Max. Hope you are on a roll.

You're never gonna want the Younger Human to leave....

Food dudes or dudettes are important. Just bring the tasty stuff.

The food peoples are IMPORTANT!

Ya, ya don't wanna upset the Denny cauz chicken is real good! But we gotta ask The Big Thing about "steak". We nefer get that. He says its caus he spices it all up.

You got your own personal food gawd! You re very lucky. I see that you got to sleep in your bed in front ot the fire thingy!

Can I comes and checks this foods gawd out on Christmas... :)

Very nice Max, but remember that the Woman is a food goddess.