Your fake does not amuse me...

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But Max, all that counts is that it's warm! paulajeanne

I would just like to say that fake fire is better than no fire.

Is it warm? We got a fake fire, but at least it's warm. Drag your Gizzy quilt right in front of it and take a nap.

At least you have a fire. We've lived in this house for 3 years and we've never had a fire...and yes, we have a real fireplace! Sheesh.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

PS - belated thanks for coming by Roxy's Gotcha Day party last week! :D

Wasn't you & Buddah sleeping in front of that last winter?
Real fires are so very nice though, but lots of work.

We have never seen a ral or a fake fire. YOu are lucky!

The fireplace in the other room is the "real" one, with real flames but not real wood. It's got gas all the time but doesn't, you know, fart...

This one...not even real fire. But it does blow hot air, so it's useful. Just not as good as the other one.

Well, at least you have a backup fireplace!

We aren't even lucky enough to have a fake fire.

Enjoy the warmth.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

I think fire would frighten me. I would not be amused either.

We like our fake fire--it is quite warm.. isn't yours?

Today is National Cats Day! Happy Cat day Max (and Buddha)!

Enjoy your fake fire!


You do look perturbed there. Thanks for telling us that it's full of hot air. Maybe you just need something comfortable to sit on near the fake fire. Like a lap.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Almost looks real...

I think you should try to enjoy at least the illusion of a real fire. All I have is an oil-filled electric radiator that does not look very nice at all!

Two fireplaces? you are so lucky. I have none.

What happened to your fluffy beds?

um, what the frig are they trying to pull on you?

the fake fire may not amuse you, but i'll bet my entry in Hansel's Halloween Costume contest will...

Be sure to check it out!!

So you've got a read fake fire and a fake fake fire? I think you are one lucky cat. At least it's warm.

From my cat Pumpkin,
Hey Max, you are lucky! We have a real fireplace that can't be used, so we have the TV instead of fire. We don't even have heat. The landlord is so cheap and keeps saying that the boiler is on but it's not!

Enjoy your two fireplaces and think of poor Pumpkin in NYC.

At first I was going to ask why you don't have a soft rug to lay on, but if it's a fake fire, why bother.


Max, did you see Hendrix's Halloween entry yet? It is AWESOME!

Max, maybe if you ask nicely, your Mom will put a nice soft kitty bed before fake but warm fire. ;O)
Sadie (very cute orange lady kitty) is not happy because the heated blanket on her lady's bed died. :(
She'll trade you.

Maybe you could snuggle up close to it on a comfy kitty bed and fake purr for a while.

It needs a fake rug to go wif it. Den at least yoo could pretend to sleep.

It may look fake, but is it WARM? That's really the only important part.

Hey, Max...a fake fire is better than no fire, we think....

Max, we would love to have a fake fire here. If it's warm - even better.

Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

I think the problem is not the fire, it is that there is not a kitty sized rug in front of the fireplace. How can you be comfy on wood floors?

It's warm, but guys we have a real fireplace too! We should be using THAT ONE!!!