November 13, 2008

Ya know, if you don't want my help eating your donut, you should go sit in the closet to eat it...

About the book... Once I can order copies of it, I'll ship it anywhere. Australia, Austria, whatever. Because I'm nice like that. It's also going to be available on, Barnes & Noble online, places like that. It should be ready in time for Christmas, at least in the U.S. I'm not sure what shipping times will do to overseas availability, though I think the printer has facilities in the U.K., so English kitties can cut the ship time that way.

I make more money if you buy it from me, though... Just sayin'... ;)

I do touch on what will happen to people who break the rules. They will not be happy people. But then, they *shouldn't* be happy if they're not fulfilling their felinely obligations...right?

We should get a proof copy next week, and if it looks good we can start taking pre-orders, so that when we get the first shipment of books we can turn around and get them in the mail ASAP. The publisher already knows if I can't get them in time for holiday gift giving that there will be a whole lot of pooping going stealthy places, too. I'm hoping that means the publisher will not sit on its publishing butt and make sure that I'm a HAPPY CAT.

If I'm happy, everyone is happy. Or that's how it should be.


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