"Max," the Woman said, "I'm going to spare you the torture of a car ride. Cats aren't allowed in the polling place, so you might as well stay home."

Well first I was relieved. Because, you know, I detest going places, because going places never ends well. In my experience, a car ride either means going to the stabby place, or it means 4 long days of riding and nights in creepy weird rooms. So I'm not a fan of car rides.

But then I realized...she said cats aren't allowed in the voting place! Then how the hell could I vote?

"How about I vote for you?" she offered, and I thought that was mighty generous. "I'll see if Chey is on the list of approved write in candidates, and write her name in for you if she is. But if not..who do you want me to vote for?"

I didn't need to ponder this very long. I knew who my second choice was, but the problem is that the Woman does not understand Cat very well, and I was afraid if I said a name, she would misunderstand. "Meow" is what she would hear, and I worried she might think I meant the old guy. Now I think he's a very nice old guy and perfectly capable of leading the country, but I have extreme reservations about his VP pick, and since he's so old his VP pick was very very important. I like him a lot, but I did not want to vote for him.

So I had to make sure the Woman understood who my vote was for. How could I make her understand I wanted to vote for change? To make history? How to get it through her thick skull that while I like the old guy, I think the younger guy is a better choice? I mean, I can live with either one being elected fairly, I really can, but I wanted my vote to go for the person who resonates with me the most. I needed to make her understand!

I didn't have much time to think. She was getting ready to leave.

"Well?" she asked.

So I did what I had to do. I hocked up a hairball.

That did kinda sound like barrrraaaccckkk.

Truly, I am behind whoever wins. Both are good guys and both have the ability to lead, and whoever gets the nod has a big mess to clean up. So even if my guy doesn't win, the country gets my support over my wishes...I hope it's pretty much like that for everyone, because we have to take up the intellectual slack our People are lacking. Let's get back to respecting the Office of the President, no matter who wins.

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