Dooods! Happy Thanksgiving, though a little late.

Buddah and I were a little bent because the People were gonna go out instead of cooking for us--AGAIN--plus we weren't going to get to see the Younger Human. I mean, that was kind of sucky, no turkey AND no Younger Human. But when the People came home they brought us some turkey AND it was served to them BY the Younger Human. He works in a place called Carinos and had to bring food to people too lazy too cook for themselves (like my People) all day long, so they decided to go see him work and have turkey there.

The Woman said he might come over next week, but I might have to ignore him, just so he knows I'm still perturbed he moved out in the first place. Though, if he gives me crunchy treats...well, I'll pay attention to him then. For about 15 seconds. Maybe 20.

Now we can count down to Santa Claws! I don't think we're putting up a tree this year, what with the looming M-word, but I'm pretty sure that Santa comes anyway. I would like more fire thingies for the fireplace, but that whole m-word...sheesh, the People aren't sure if the fireplace in the new house is gas (meaning no fire thingies) or regular (which means I could have them.) But the Woman promises if I don't get any of the same fire thingies if the new place can use them, I'll get REAL WOOD to burn.

But still...I gotta think of something to ask Santa for, because I've been FREAKING GOOD this year. Right?

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