I really really really really realy really hate it when they put the clocks back an hour. 'Cause you know what happens? The People seem to think they get to sleep an extra house, and the kitties go UNFED while they waste time in bed. they think they're being nice by "splitting the difference" and opening cans of Stinky Goodness at the half hour mark, but really, I was hungry ON THE HOUR. So was Buddah.

Now in the spring when the go forward...that's okay. 'Cause that's when I get fed early, and early is always good.

Oh and a few of youse wanted to know what the Woman got drawn on her skin for forever and ever. First you have to go read this and then go see the picture here so that it makes sense.

Skeezix might like it. It's got LOTS of pink in it.

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