This is where I was in the I'm Not Fat picture:'s you
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It's a wall cutout thingy really high up. I don't think I'm going to have one at the next place because the people keep making a big deal about no stairs. Phffft.


Are you ready to win?

It's the Psychokitty Trivia Game!
and you're playing for these:

A microwave mat...your person heats it up and you sit on it. Very toasty.
A cat dancer!
A toy mouse that looks REAL!
And two of my favorites--TRIBBLES!

First kitty to answer all three questions correctly wins! Just answer in the comments. Ponder carefully, because there's only one entry per household. I hope that sounds fair. If you have sibling kitties, feel free to consult with them, but only one of you gets to answer!


Are ya?

1. I used to have a Golden Retriever named Hank. He was a very good dog (because he left me alone) and everyone still misses him. What was his nickname?

2. What is the big word I first used to describe changing back from daylight savings time?

3. What did Buddah take away from me before I even got to see what HE was?

Good luck!

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