"Max," the Woman said as she gave me head skritches, "we are not spending all your money on a house. We're not using any of your money. When you get your royalty check it is all going into savings for you. But Christmas is coming, and I know you want to get Buddah a present, so I will give you some money to spend."

Ok, well she might not have said that EXACTLY, but that was the gist of it. I get to keep my money when it gets here (royalty checks take FOREVER, sheesh) but apparently I am expected to buy Buddah something. Phfftt. I bet he doesn't get me anything, because he doesn't HAVE any money. The little black monster is foolish enough that he works for FREE. He holds down papers for the Woman, and doesn't expect anything for it! Go figure!

Anyway, I got to thinking. What would Buddah like? And then I remembered last year he went absolutely apechit over these little heart shaped mousies the Grandma gave us. There was a red one and a green one, and after a few weeks no one could figure out what he did with either of them. But I know he'd like to have another one. Or two. Or ten.

So I spent ALL DAY online looking, and I cannot find these mousies. The Woman refused to go look in the stores today because she says she's Not Insane, though that's actually debatable. So I need help. If you know where I can find these mousies, please let me know. I mean, I'll ask Santa, too, but even if Santa brings him some, he'll really be happy if I get him some, too.

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