November 26, 2008

The People have been terribly excited lately, coming and going, talking about papers to be signed and looking at "places" and SPENDING MAX'S MONEY. That one catches my attention every time. Like today when the Woman was giving me head skritches and mentioned as if it was perfectly all right "Today we're going to sign the papers that will probably render you completely broke." Or something like that. The actual words don't matter as much as the fact that when they're done I'll be penniless.

Until the next royalty check comes in. But who knows when that will be?

I can't complain too much. If all goes well (and with People, you never know. They very well could screw something up) we'll endure one more M-word, and then never again. I've been taking a certain amount of comfort in that idea--never, ever, ever again having to see all my stuff boxed up and taken away, never having to suffer through 4 days in the car...

And then it hit me.

One more m-word, and we'll be in the house WHERE I WILL DIE.


On the plus side, it's probably where the People will die, too. I'm not going to hold a contest to see who that happens to first. I'm kinda screwed if they kick it before I do, what with not having developed opposable thumbs and all. And I'd have to take care of Buddah... ack, no.

I hope I get enough years to really enjoy the never having to move again thing.

But yeah...only one more m-word.

Life is good.

Oh yeah, don't forget about my book!!!

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