November 24, 2008

It's here! It's here!

Max's new book

We finally got the proof copy of my new book! It looks pretty good, though the Woman spotted a couple of typos that made her mad because she missed them after going over it like 100 times. In the original, she missed them. In the galley, she missed them. Everyone missed them!

But, it's not worth pulling the entire book over a couple of typos. Typos happen.

The Woman went ahead and ordered a box full of copies if it so that they'd be here in plenty of time for the holidays. So if you want one, or want to give one or two as gifts, order now!


It's set up so you can use Paypal, but if you don't want to do that, the Woman will also take snail mail orders. Just be sure to email her and let her know to expect an order in the mail so she's sure to get off her lazy 'ttocks and go to the post office.

Kitties...your people need this book. They just don't understand us, and hopefully after reading this they'll at least know what they're doing wrong.

And don't forget--I answered a bunch of your questions, too!

It'll be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in a week or two...but I must greedily point out that I earn a little more if you buy direct. And apparently I have to buy Buddah a Christmas present, even though he's broke and probably won't get me one.

Oh yeah, I'm excited for this book and I don't care how girly it makes me seem!!!

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