Yep, last night we got steak. And a fair amount, not some microscopic teaser. The Woman cut up enough for both of us that it was like getting a big snack.

There's this rule here: if the kitty is a good kitty and doesn't beg or doesn't jump on the table when the People are eating something especially tasty, like steak, then the kitty gets a bite. I've been worried that Buddah would do something stupid and ruin it, but he's never begged. He just stands on the counter and stares at the food on the table like he's starving to death. I haven't told him it's okay to meow once in a while to remind the People that we're there; he's doing good just sitting there. And the People think it's cute, and cute works when there's food involved.

The other rule is if the kitty can do something cute that's almost like begging but really isn't, he still gets a bite. I'm a tall kitty, so I can stand on my back legs, put my paws on the table and look to see what's there. If I do that, it gets cute points. Also, if I stand on my back legs and tap one of the People on their leg or elbow, and then sit right down, that gets cute points. But it can't be more than that or it stops being cute, and then there's no tasting the Good Food.

And in other news, the People have decided I do not need an ultrasound. The lady at the stabby place said one option was to do nothing and wait and see how I was...well, the Woman announced that I am back to my very annoying self, waking her up by singing at night and announcing when breakfast is over, and since I'm teaching Buddah to do those things, too, plus running around the house like my butt is on fire (usually 'cause I'm chasing Buddah) she thinks I'm just fine.

I tried to tell her that, but noooooo, let's not listen to the kitty involved!

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