Two things...

My bloodwork came back and my amylase levels are still high. So the lady at the stabby place was all "Oh, let's change his food and put him on canned food that doesn't stink as nice as Stinky Goodness and see if that helps."

I was having none of that. The People plopped that stuff on my plate, and I refused to eat it. I heard the Man on the phone with the lady, and he warned her I might not even try it. So I didn't. And I got my regular Stinky Goodness afterwards.

I'm not sure what they want to do to me next. Maybe something called an ultrasound to look at my pancrease and see if it really is inflamed. I may just be blessed with extra amylase.


That was fast.
The Woman already got a copy of the edited edition of my book. and it looks pretty spiffy.

It's a bigger book overall--we didn't add anything to it, but by going with a larger type size it added pages--and we think we got all the potentially objectionable language.

Now, because this is a special edition the Woman went with a POD press, and people can order directly from them. Unfortunately, it won't be available on Amazon or B&N Online, because the Woman is CHEAP and didn't want to pay for the orinting that would get distribution through those channels.

And the cover makes me look fat.
She just stretched the picture out, so I look fat.

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