I'm not sure how it happened, perhaps because the Woman stayed awake so late into the night that it threw our timing off, but we never sang for her, Buddah never sat on her, and I did not head butt her nose. When I woke up this morning I had this horrible sick feeling (not that it kept me from eating my wonderful Stinky Goodness breakfast) because that's like forgetting and I'm too smart to forget. I just got sleepy.

But surprise, surprise, the Woman was HAPPY. She's been telling anyone who would listen today about how good we were for her last night. How she had a quiet night and how nice that was. And I bet she thinks we planned it!

Ha! Little does she know...

She was happy with the gift that we didn't intend to give, but what the heck...if it's what she really wanted, I suppose we did good.

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