In a fit of insanity, the Woman put all our food and water in the big bathroom last night, and then locked me in her bedroom. I was stuck in there with her all night long. My only consolation was that Buddah was stuck outside the room, and I had everything there was to eat right there with me.

The Woman took him to the stabby place before she let me out, and because he's nuts he got to come home a little early. Ok, this is how insane Buddah is. He's not upset. It's like "Oh, well, I hurt a little bit, but I got to go for a ride and people played with me!" His only complaint seemed to be hunger.

Well no chit, I had all the food last night.

The Woman fed us a little early tonight and he wolfed his down so hard and so fast I'm surprised he didn't inhale half the kitchen. He was still looking for more so I did the Oh I'm Already Full thing and walked away from my dish so he could have what was left. I'm not that nice; I'd already eaten quite a bit of dry food, and I know the Woman--we'll get another can later just so he can feel full again.

But sheesh...he takes all the fun out of me getting to stay home while he goes off and gets snipped. Kind of makes me want to jump up on top of the climbing thing and shove him off it...

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