I'm not sure when the zombies were here, but evidently they were, and one of 'em sucked the Woman's brains right out of her head. It's kind of sad, really, watching her become this saccharine former shell of herself; it's kind of gross, too, having to listen to it.

She's using baby talk with Buddah.

Not the ga-ga goo-goo kind of thing, but it's just as bad. She scoops him up and calls him "baby" or "cutie-pie," or the real gag-me, "sweetykins." What the heck is a sweetykins? And she plants these kisses on his head--and he likes it! Worse, she'll be sitting there in the living room and he'll jump up on her and stick his head near her lips for this rapid fire kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss thing.

Oh, she's tried that with me, but I'm not having it. For all I know, she's doing it because she's becoming zombified, and if I let her start that kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss thing with me, she'll suck my brains out, too.


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