We found the perfect way to tick the Woman off. And it's so simple! All Buddah and I have to do is wait until she's asleep, and start playing. Of course, our play involves me holding Buddah down and making him cry, but he doesn't seem to mind. I lick him until he's wet, he calls out for help because he hates baths, and she wakes up. Then she comes out of the bedroom, threatens to lock us both in the dryer, and goes back to bed.

We wait until she's been asleep for 10 minutes, and we do it again! So every 20 minutes or so she's getting out of bed to make sure I'm not killing him, she says she's gonna do all kinds of mean things to us that we know she won't, and she goes back to bed. And it irritates the bejeezuz out of her!

We did that for about 3 or 4 hours last night, then took naps for an hour, and then I sat on Buddah til he hollered loud enough to wake her up. After that all we did was talk and THAT irritated her.

I know she's not going to do anything to us. It just ticks her off, and that amuses me.

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