Buddah does bathe...he just doesn't seem to do a very good job, as evidenced by how much he stinks most of the time. Now really, by forcing-licking him I'm doing him a favor, because my spit obviously smells better than his spit.

Now, the Woman surely appreciates this, she just doesn't appreciate him crying like a sissy when I give him a bath at night. So really, if she would see to his hygeine, we would not be waking her to the sounds of his infantile blubbering.

Singing...that's different. That's art! If we wake her up for the sake of art, that's to her benefit. And it's not my fault if she doesn't simply roll over and go to sleep. She falls asleep to the sound of music all the time! Our serenades should actually have a soothe and calming effect.

She should be thanking us.

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