Evidently, today was the Woman's birthday but Buddah and I were not informed of this until late in the evening, when it was too late to figure out a way to get her something. I mean, if we had known, we could have talked the Man into going out and spending some of my book money on a piece of shrimp for her, or even some of those Kitty Treats that she eats and won't share. But no one told us, so she opened presents from the Younger Human and the Man, and there Buddah and I were, with nothing to give her.


We have it all planned out. When she goes to bed tonight, we're going to sit by the side of the bed and sing as loudly as we can for her. She loves our singing at 3 a.m. so much that she gets out of bed for it, so we figured she would really love to be serenaded where she wouldn't have to get up to enjoy it.

And then, Buddah is going to jump on the bed and rub his nose across her cheek, and then he's going to sit on her face. When he's done, I'm going to jump on the bed and headbutt her nose. I know she misses me doing that, because she mentioned the other day that it had been so long since I did it that her nose finally healed from her surgery 3 years ago. So she must want me to do it again.

After that, we'll amuse ourselves so she can go to sleep. And that will be our birthday present to her. She's going to be so happy.

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