=AHEM= Since Christmas is coming...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/28/2013 09:38:00 PM

I don't want to be a pimp blog, but the holidays are coming and gift giving is coming and some of y'all expressed an interest in the things the Man makes when he's out in the garage instead of being in the house where he can admire me.

And even I have to admit, the stuff he makes is pretty cool.

Some of his newest pens...I think if you click you can biggify
He's got more than pens; he's got these thingies that help you put a bracelet on, bottle stoppers ( for like wine bottles for all you boozers out there), clocks, keyrings...lots of things.

Go check it out! CLICKY HERE or click on the link in the sidebar.

If he sells stuff, he might even buy me something like REAL LIVE FRESH DEAD SHRIMP!!!

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Still don't understand the concept of "leftover wine" but, I hear it exists. I'm loving that green pen. Hmmm. Maybe he can make a nip opener...

I love that black and white one. Cos black and white are a classy combination, in so many ways...
I also don't understand something to stopper a wine bottle either. In my experience it only slows you down.

About my fishie: "...It goes on forever, and Oh my God, it's full of stars!"

And if your Humans are anywhere near as old as my Human (and really, I know they're not--no one is), they might know what I'm talkin' about!

Everything the man makes is so pretty.

That cat clock is just awesome. If it's still available on Monday, our Mom wants that one! Besides, we want to help you with your goal of Fresh Dead Live Shrimp.

Super-spiffy pens! Unfortubately, TBT has ta but his by the package cuz he loses them so often.

But... We just read about a pen that keeps track of motion so writing on paper can be digitized. Any chance he can put a fancy cover on one of those?

We ARE gonna check out the wine stoppers. TBT likes wine (cheap wine in the big bottles- Twisted Zin brand zinfadel). So mebbe a fancy stopper would make it look more espensive...

I have a new idea for a product. How about cool retractable badge clips. You know the ones every employee has to wear to open doors.