Posted by Max | Posted on 12/02/2013 10:08:00 PM

It's December, right?

Chilly outside, right?

Fire thingy weather, right?

So why won't the Woman PUT SOME PANTS ON???

Seriously...aside from the eye bleach I'm hoping Santa brings me, instead if pant she wears these slippery shorts that fit like skin, and that makes it very unpleasant for me to sit on her lap.

It's cold.

She should wear pants.

Five bucks to whomever can convince her that she needs pants.

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Poor Max! I would think she would want pants on when you are on her lap. Or at least a towel or blankie. I wouldn't want you slipping off my lap and trying to grab my legs with your claws.

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Please put on pants, lady Woman.
I don't get an allowance and $5 would be awesome!

Maybe Santa can do something about the situation? The big guy has a lot of influence regarding pants, I hear.... What does *she* want for christmas? Maybe pants!

I doubt I can convince your human of anything, Max, but if you want you can sit on my human's lap. She NEVER wears shorts! Of course, she is also fidgety, which makes for a really uncomfortable seat.

Just dig in those pointy ends for traction, she will learn to wear covering pretty quick!

MrsMax'sMom - please put on pants so that Max can sit on your lap and give you purrrsss n stuff. Slippery skin like shorts are not fun to sit on. thank you

Humans are incorrigible, Max. Think about it. If you could win the war on pants, you could get anything (like steak and shrimp all the time). And that hasn't happened, has it?

have you tried using her legs for a scratching post? That tends to work in this house

You could always act snobby even if she BEGS you to sit on her lap. After all, the woman MUST know she's making you miserable. So not sitting where you know you don't like will get her to figure on maybe wearing something more appropriate should happen. Because her wearing those shorts is like saying she doesn't want you on her lap.

Humans can be so silly at times! I hope she finds a blanket for when you sit on her at least!

Maybe if you try poking holes in the "slippery skin".Humans tend to be attached to body coverings ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure,Tiger and JJ

Thank you for the kind words when our Tillie crossed the Bridge.
We miss her SO much.

Tell the Woman it is not a sin for women to wear pants. On the contrary, it is a sin to reveal those disgusting slippery skinned pins. I don't know how you endure Maxie.

Maybe Santa will bring her some pants, Max.

Have her move to a colder climate, then she will wear pants.

Dear sweet, patient, loving Max! Maybe if you tell the Man how much you need her warms and soft lap, he can have a talk with her and get her at least put a blanket on her lap for you. If all else fails, I have a warm lap and some crunchy treats waiting for you. The fireplace is on too with a soft pillow that my older kitty likes to nap on sometimes! Always room for another kitty here and lots of stinky goodness on demand, too!

Did it get cold enough for her to dress with pants?

PS. We gave you an award too.

No pictures please!!! We like thick denim-like pants on our Bein...