There's no proof!

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/22/2013 03:00:00 PM

You may have heard a rumor today, probably on Facebook, that I was seen playing with one of these:

The Cat's Meow Toy
You know how rumors are: someone sees something and misunderstands it, and the next thing you know that misunderstanding is all over the freaking place.

I assure you, I was not playing with this thing.

There was something alive under it, and I was hunting.

Then I killed it.

But I was not playing.

And there's no proof, just that ugly rumor...

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We believe you Max.

I have one of these so I know that there is something alive under that cover !!

Of course you were hunting Max. I believe you.

Well of course you were just hunting. Anyone who does not understand the difference does not deserve to be acknowledged! Mol.

Sure, Max, whatever you say. We hope you get to kill it again. ;)

Yes, Max. What ever you say, Max. Of course you weren't playing, Max. You wouldn't do that, Max.
Now where's my cut of the action????

We believe you!

That's right, killing and playing are two totally different things.

Hope you got whatever was under there and it was worth all the rumors.

We do not play with ours, either. We are trying to kill that thing under the yellow fabric! Angel has almost succeeded!

Utter gossip!

(looks like it was fun, though!)

I would play with it. Gotta pass the time until WHO O'CLOCK!!!

We urtterly gree that there is a difference between hunting an bein fooled by toys-gimmicks. We KNOW you wouldn't.

But ya think we might like one of those?

We want!

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I've seen video, Max. You may have to let this one go.