I deserve more

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/20/2013 11:30:00 PM

Chances are, if you follow me on Facebook, you know that one of my biggest issues with the Woman is that she frequently sits here without pants on. She wears these super thin Lycra shorts, but that's kinda like wearing nothing, and sitting on her lap is unpleasant because the shorts make it slippery and her blubber makes it squishily uncomfortable.

So I might have mentioned once or twice or ten times that I would like it if she would just put some pants on, so that I can be more comfortable.

Today she put pants on, and took a picture to prove it. But doods, don't let that fool you. It didn't benefit me at all. She put them on to go outside, and 20 seconds after she took the picture those pants were in a heap on top of the hamper in the bathroom.

By the time I got up from my second afternoon nap, she was back in her chair, watching TV while being all pantsless.

Why won't she think of the kitties? Really now.

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Max, my human NEVER wears shorts! But she also doesn't sit still enough to be a lap human.

my cat solved this..she sit on my chest with her head on my shoulder...its kinda hold me or die

How rude of her. I insist my human not only wear pants but that she cover her legs with a blanket if I am going to snooze upon her. After all, I would not want her to dirty up my lovely furs...

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Yeah, how rude. You don't want Lapbod(sort of like bed-head only different. Plus, she would have a huge Max shaped red mark all over her legs. It's nice to leave a mark on society but that's going a bit too far. If she wore pants she not only wouldn't get all marked up but not have to be embarrassed and have to figure out some story to explain away how she got red marks on her if anyone asked.

No pant's ?!
I guess you have no snow where you live *mol*

Max, the Woman needs to get her priorities straight...and that means wearing pants for you.

Is she hot, getting the flashes?

Sit on her chest, or help yourself with your claws so you don't slip. Purrs

To pants or not to pants! Big fan of pajamas here - pants for teh fur, not pants for teh furless.