Books! Books! Buy a Book! And Not Even Mine!

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/10/2013 09:59:00 AM

Ok, Doods, y'all know Mo from Purrchance to Dream, right? He's Dad to a bunch of our kitty friends, and he runs the CB page, AND he teaches sticky people. Or almost-not-sticky-anymore-people.

Anyways, his classroom needs books. Kids need books because without them their brains don't really form right and they're all mushy, which leads to them being super grumpy and then all they know how to do is text on their not-so-smart phones, using Kiddie Speak, like, "LOL u c dis? I cnt rilly reed!"

You can help. Mo has a wishlist of books and things for his classroom, and they're not at all spendy.

Please go buy one; Amazon will send it right to him so you don't even have to put pants on to leave the house. You'll be contributing to the betterment of some kids whose school doesn't quite have the fundage to load the bookcases in all the classrooms.

Remember, Santa is watching, and it would give you a few points on the Good Kitty List.

Just sayin'...

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Will do Max! The sticky and not so sticky people really need brain reinforcement so thanks for putting the word out. You are an amazing kitty and I love you!

Done! Thanks Max for giving us a way to share. Marty Manx n the Gangs' Mom

Thanks, Max.
I appreciate it, and I know my students will be amazed at the generosity of people. You rock.

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Done! Thanks for letting us know!

Done. We need extra negotiating room with Santa.

Done. Mr.Pittman can expect two books to arrive on either Wednesday or Thursday.

The comment that was deleted said that if Mr. Pittman has any books he wants to buy for the school he(and anyone else) can stop by It's my resale bookstore. Most of the titles are YA. All books are new or read only once. Most are under $5.00 which is a selling point for schools since libraries only have a certain amount of budget to spend.

Mommy loves to read even though we do all we can to stop her. She is sending four of the books on our behalf.

Britin and Sebastian