Posted by Max | Posted on 11/13/2013 11:19:00 PM

Fireplace dood was here today! He cleaned all the pieces and parts of the fire thingy and put it all back together, and even cleaned the glass thing that keeps it from eating my fur.

I'm gonna be doing a lot of this during the winter
It's really not cold enough to get to use it, but the people have turned it on a couple of times just so Buddah and I can flop down and soak up some warms.

I didn't get to see Fireplace dood because I was napping under the bed and didn't even know he was here until he gone. Buddah got to see him and says he's a very nice guy who didn't even chase him around with his giant noisy vacuum thingy.

That's always a bonus.

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Every winter I wish I had a fireplace. But the few days it would be used here in Florida make it a little bit excessive to have :( Enjoy and keep warm!

Typical of many southern California homes, our fireplace does not work! Which is just as well - Boodie would be dumb enough to get too close to it!

Mommy and I don't have a fireplace. Or a house, for that matter. Apartment living, apparently, does not lend itself to fireplaces. Even the one in mommy's old friend who passed's apartment was blocked.
Mommy said it was mean when her daddy built his little retirement home WITH A FIREPLACE when they never had one when they were growing up. She said their woofie would have loved it! He went OTRB before the new home was finished.
Oh, enjoy, kitties.
Don't forget to bake both sides!

Wow, Max,have you got the life or what?

So glad you got your fireplace going. We've had it on a couple of evenings and once even had the blower on. I love that.

We've had the fireplace thingy on all week. It's awesome.

Good your fire thingy is all safe and ready to keep you warms.

There is nothing like a nice roaring fire to snuggle in front of Max. My dad lit ours when they came back from the cruise, and it has been lit ever since.