I bet it tastes like chicken...
Ok, the Woman said she bought a moose when she was somewhere that was not here paying attention to me. I have looked all over this freaking house, and I don't see any kind of a moose. It's not in the back yard, either, I looked out the window to check. I did notice some bacon in the fridge, but I don't think it's related. I went to inform her that she lost her moose, but when I jumped into her lap her I could smell ickiness coming from her head, so I just ran off. It's not like she would share the moose with me, anyway.

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Poor Max! No bacon and no moose!

Max, we think this time, you don't want that moose. Now as for that bacon...

Maybe you could get her to cook up sum of that bacon! Now, that smells good!

Bacon mousse - now that would be the ticket!

I recognise that moose, it's called Micky!
I'd go for the bacon....

Didja see anything that looked like pudding? Maybe itis that kind of moose.


Vishus moose.
You don't want it anyway.
Let the woman have the calories.

Hmmm, Moose, Mousse and Mousse...me never knows what peoples means. Now vanilla mousse me likes...