I've always kinda wanted to try this...but maybe not so much now...

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Silly Kitty! We hope he is OK!

OMC! That was really skeery, we don't think you should try it. It obviously has disastrous results.

Ummmm.....maybe not the best idea.

We like getting up high, but that's just plain crazy!

We have a staircase that overlooks a ceiling fan. I often wonder if Hannah would try this if I stopped the ceiling fan...

Ooh, thats like paper hanging out from the edge of a desk! It LOOKS firm, but ya step out on an FLUMP! Down ya go...

The picture disappeared!! *pout*
What did the kitty do?

See, my bro would totally do that if there was a moth nearby. He's a little dim like that.

LOL--yeah, not a good idea, Max!

Oops! Brulee likes to look up at the bedroom ceiling fan with "that look".

There was a moment--just after she landed--just a moment, when I thought, Maybe! Maybe she'll hang on! But alas, no.

That might hurt, glad it wasn't spinning.

Whoa! That's some balls you got there!! Hope you had a soft landing.