The Woman shared this picture of me on Facebook last night because she thought I was watching TV and for some reason that amused her.

In reality, there was a fly on the wall above the TV, and that's what I was looking at. I didn't really feel like getting up and chasing it, though. Besides, I don't eat bugs, I only rip off their arms and legs, so I might as well leave them to Buddah.

But today, I was looking at exactly what she thought I was.

The outside.

She had the window and front door open because it's not too hot out, so there was a nice breeze moving through the house, and it just felt good on my furs. There's not much out there to see, partly because that outside cooking thing is there and partly because there's a fence around the yard, but staring out at the back yard beats staring at Buddah.

I dunno where he was. Probably plastered on the big bed, flat on his back with his feet sticking up, like a person who's had one Stupid Drink too many.

I need to enjoy the open window days, because it's not normal for this time of year, and pretty soon the people won't open them at all because the cold air blowing thing will be on.

Don't get me wrong, I like that, too, but it's not the same as a cool, fresh breeze ruffling your fur.

I bet if we moved to San Francisco where Spitty lives, we'd have a breeze all the time. The Woman says we have to win the lottery first.

Or I have to write a best seller.

I'm working on that, I really am.

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OPen windows and cool breezes are long past here`

Better werk on that best-seller, Max. Cuz having open windows all Summer would be great!

Hmmmm. Guess I got spoiled. The air coolie thingy is on!!
But hey, there is definitely nothing to see when you live on the 16th floor!
Although I do like the neighborhood smells here, I miss Mr. Squirrel. Remember him? I still do!
Oh, write the best seller! Then you have a real choice: moving again and maybe misplacing your brother, or just getting more shrimpies.

Ahh, we remember window whiffies. But then spring came and we got the hots too early this year. Enjoy while you can!

Max, You has to tell your Peeps my Human did win the lottery--well, she scored a really great rent-controlled apartment about 30 years ago and if she ever gets booted out of it, there's no way she'll be able to afford to live in the city unless she pitches a tent in the park, MOL.

Thanks for the reepurrt on Marylicious ;-) We'll stay away, thanks.

I could never watch Fly TV - I always want to be a participant!

Hey, you won a Sunshine Award

Yeah, Max, we love having the windows open too...fresh air is much better than the stale air that the cold air blowing thingey puts out. Enjoy it while you can.

Enjoy the fresh air Max, our Mom won't open the doors and windows because one of us (Saku) tries to sneak out! And then he stands there like a statue until Mom goes looking for him.

Sasha, Sami, (but not Saku cuz he's mad at us for tattling on him)
(Mom Eileen)

Yeah, Max, write that book. Look at what it did for Dewey . . .oh, yeah, he's dead.

We get nice breezes 'cause of the lake. My woman doesn't close the windows and turn on the cold blower unless she has to. Since we made her remove the bedroom curtains, we have a prime spot to look down on everything. Those are either really big ants or tiny munchkins down there.

Laura & Taffy

Oh, Max, what's happening to your little PINK nose? It looks like Basement Cat is gaining ground!!!

Dam gorgeous picture of you my man!

Breeze ruffled furs are the greatest!

We are catching up!!! The people were out of town & the computer was off so we missed your birthday, man!!
Your adventures sound like great fun, glad it was a good BD!
We commented on the posts but in case you didn't see them we wanted to be sure to send our best fishes, errr....wishes.

Today is the first day the windows have been open here instead of the cold air blower thing in a while - it feels good!