Look at this.

Do you see me anywhere in this picture? NO. The Woman went out yesterday and SHE GOT TO MEET CHEY and Chey's people AND SHE DIDN'T TAKE ME.

What the heck, doods?

Oh and the Food Lady was there AND DKM was there. But me?



I may never get over this.

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Uh-oh. We know you Max, and we know that revenge is sweet, so we're wishing good luck to your beans. May they survive your ire!

Did they eat at Marylicious????

The Human has SO MUCH sympathies for the Man and his 16 kidney stones. But just now she's screamin' a lil bit so she probably isn't expressing herself too clearly.

Does the Man just scream ALL THE TIME???

Meeting furriends, going out, and fish??? Does the injustice never end?

Not right to leave you home.

Max, that is so wrong on so many levels. Pooping on a pillow isn't enough punishment.

I probably won't get over it either. I mean, why should Flat Chey go to SF if not to meet Flat Max...

Max, I would be throwing the biggest hissy fit ever if I were you!

WE think there is a toothy death and a pillow pooping about to commence!

Hmm, we are gonna guess that she dint bring you back anny food from the fish place...

And is that a stupid drink by Chey?

Uh-oh, I hope your humans can survive your wrath.